Old school Easter eggs.
Hanau shooting: Eight dead after two attacks in Germany -> (2020-02-20 00:50)

Storm Dennis: More heavy rain falls amid flood defence fears -> (2020-02-19 22:41)

Dana Rohrabacher denies offering Assange a pardon from Trump -> (2020-02-20 00:41)

Harry and Meghan's royal duties ending 31 March -> (2020-02-19 17:41)

Rowan Baxter: Outcry after family of ex-rugby player die in fire -> (2020-02-19 19:14)

Source: CNN
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The Cost Of Making It Happen.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to do something you know will profit you and on the process, your best friend or family member who you trusted so much objected? If you answered yes. Then you're not alone. Just read on.... I have been in worse situation. Doubt it? Okay, i will give you a hint. On the process of creating this site i was told by my friend that what am dreaming to do isn't achievable. He went further and stated that am too young for that and moreover i don't have the programming skill needed. You know what? He is right because everything he said about me was right. To be frank with you, i don't even know inasmuch as he thought i do. But i said to myself, if only 'Bill Gates' could be what he is today then i will try my very best. Guess what? I did more than what i thought i can. The truth is this website you're in now is created with just and nothing more than a mobile phone. To be precise, nokia 6600. With all these been said, "i put it to you that you can do better". Always remember the quote that says: 'Never stay fallen or you become a failure. Thanks and remain blessed... Festus.waphall.com.
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